Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center was established with a mission to preserve, cultivate and share the great tradition and art of Shaolin Kung Fu. The center welcomes students of all abilities, experiences and stages of life, and the goal is always to push each individual to reach his or her potential, and then to go even further and get even better.   (learn more about us)
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Recent News and Up coming Events:

Summer Intensive training program 2015. Learn the Shaolin Tiger form in this five consecutive weekends training program. July 11–August 9. (Read more)

Mental health month is upon us, and we would like to remind you of all the up and coming events that will be occurring at Shaolin Kungfu Training Center. May 2015. (Read more)

Join us for a free 5 DIY Acupressure Massage Techniques for Post-Workout Recovery and Injury Prevention. Thursday, April 16th 2015. (Read more)

Join us for a free Qigong workshop at Finish Line Physical Therapy, March, 24, 2015. (Read more)

Free Kung Fu Seminar - Taught by 35th Generation Shaolin Disciple Shifu Hengxin of New York's Shaolin Kung fu. (Read more)

Free Qigong and Meditation Workshop. Wednesday, January 29th 2014.  (Read more)

New video  "CLARITY"   The second short film by Modern Mythology. Directed by Joe Pickard.

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  Photo by Joe Pickard
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