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At the Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center students learn northern style Shaolin Kung Fu. The Center concentrates on the four major aspects of Kung Fu: kicking, punching, throwing/flipping, and grabbing. Students also practice conditioning and stretching techniques to increase the strength, stamina, and flexibility needed to perform the martial techniques at an optimum level of efficiency.

The various stages of training combine to make a natural progression. Students begin by learning fundamental stances, punches, kicks, and transitions. Great emphasis is placed on the correct alignment, structure, and movement of these fundamentals. It is at this level where students lay the foundation for their future study from which more advanced techniques get their power, strength, speed, and agility. By emphasizing the fundamentals, students are guided toward a strong foundation from which all other techniques can grow, and are provided with a healthy, strong and efficient martial arts practice. As students deepen their understanding of movement and technique, coordination is further developed through the introduction of weapons and animal forms study. Later, understanding continues to grow by studying the details within the techniques and sparring.

Study at the Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center is a continuous effort where emphasis is placed on the process and not the end result. While studying, students are guided to strive to improve their personal character. Emphasis is placed on learning to understand and respect oneself and others. Students are encouraged to practice the philosophy of “right thinking” and “right action” not just in their martial arts practice, but in every aspect of their lives.


  Photo by Joe Pickard
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