Traditional Treatment of Mild and Recurring Injuries Hosted by: Andre Yershov, L.Ac. March, 19th, 2016 at 2:30pm at SKFTC

On Saturday, March 19th, we had our Die Da Jiu Seminar hosted by André Yershov L.Ac. It was an amazing afternoon!

Andre started out by explaining what Die Da Jiu meant: "Die" means "to fall", "Da" means "to strike", and "Jiu" means "wine". As he explained it, the origins of its use were for injuries related to training in martial arts. He also gave a brief history about Chinese medicine, and how the herbs fit into it. We learned fascinating things such as: herbs have a "weight" (heavy and light), and "temperature" (hot and cold) with each characteristic having a specific use to treat different conditions. He also explained different forms of qi energy and how they can effect our physical conditions. Injury and illness can be described as an excess of one type of energy, a deficiency in another, or a blockage. As André put it, Chinese medicine is a dynamic system; not static. So, it is about regaining balance or an exchange of energies. That is one of the main reasons why the Die Da Jiu is filled with so many different herbs. An injury can have many causes, and each herb within the remedy helps restore and maintain a healthy state. André meticulously listed each herb, detailed their individual properties, and explained why it would be needed in this particular recipe.

The Die Da Jiu recipe that André prepared for us was made up of 15 different herbs, and each had multiple benefits. He explained that each could be used alone or in conjunction with other herbs for different purposes. Surely the whole room was fascinated and awe-struck at how potent each herb was on its own, but to have them now combined together into one potion, must have an incredible effect. He slowly, and methodically, poured the contents of each little ziploc bag he had filled with herbs into a large glass bottle. After he had emptied every bag, he began pouring the Vodka, our "Jiu", into the glass bottle. André explained that it takes about three months for the Die Da Jiu to be ready for use, and that your bottle must be kept in a cool dark area like a closet. As beautiful as the herbal mix looked swimming around in the alcohol, it seemed a shame to hide it away. If you were not able to be there for this truly invaluable and rare information, you can still benefit from it. Three months from now, it will be ready for all in the school to use, and André says that it can last for 75 years! So, train hard without fear!

About Andre Yershov
Andre Yershov is a practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, specializing in treatment of orthopedic disorders.  He began study of Oriental medicine in 1990. After graduating from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1997, Andre started his private practice in Midtown, Manhattan, where he provides acupuncture and herbal medicine services. Among all the teachers that Andre has met over the years, he feels most indebted for his knowledge to Dr. Richard Ten, Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, and Dr. Yang Wei Chieh. 

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