Cultivating Right Mindfulness: How to Achieve Emotional Balance and Overall Wellbeing.- May 3, 2018 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm with Jabari Jones M.D.

May is right around the corner, and it is Mental Health Month. We are excited because back again this year to help us recognize this important event is our very own Jabari Jones M.D. board certified psychiatrist. On May 3, 2018 at our school from 7p.m.-8:30 p.m. he will be hosting a free, public workshop entitled:Cultivating Right Mindfulness: How to Achieve Emotional Balance and Overall Wellbeing.

We can all relate- our day is going fine, and then boom!-something can happen to us that may throw us off for a few hours or the rest of the day. How do you handle that, how do you handle the interactions that may cause those circumstances? These are probably common questions you may have, but maybe you have something more specific that concerns you. Come join us and learn how you can be more proactive in dealing with your feelings.

Like previous years, you can look forward to Dr. Jones providing insightful and entertaining information to help you learn how to take an active role in your emotional wellbeing and overall mental health. And you will also have a chance to ask your own questions during a brief Q&A session at the end.

We look forward to having you all join us, and feel free to invite your family and friends. But as space is limited, we would like anyone planning to attend to RSVP at:

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A conversation with Dr. Jabari Jones

In preparation for the upcoming workshop by Jabari Jones, M.D. board certified psychiatrist, we are are sitting down with him to have an in-depth conversation about mental health. We are excited to pick his brain on what’s going on in ours. And of course join us for a free, public workshop entitled: Cultivating Right Mindfulness: How to Achieve Emotional Balance and Overall Wellbeing, hosted by Dr. Jones.

Q. Tell me a little about yourself?
A. I am a board certified psychiatrist and emotional health consultant.

Q. In your opinion, what is good mental health?
A. Good mental health includes 2 important things. First, we must be able to recognize and acknowledge our feelings. Then we must develop action plans for the various areas of our life (home, work) that take into account our feelings — that way we use our feelings to empower us to make good choices as opposed to our feelings sabotaging our plans. Doing this profoundly increases the likelihood that our unique needs are met.

Q. Can you comment on any problems you see in modern society that disrupts our mental well-being?
A. Work-Life imbalance, financial issues, lack of nourishing relationships, and inauthenticity. Often, a lack of the vital self-reflection needed to really identify what our unique needs are often leads to an imbalance in various life areas. This manifests as fatigue, anger, depression, anxiety, burnout, ‘going through the motions’, and general unease and dissatisfaction.

Q. How does long term stress affect our body?
A. In countless ways. High-blood pressure, overeating, cancer, etc..,.. many diseases have been tied to stress or are worsened by stress.

Q. What are some ways way in which we can achieve mental wellness?
A. There are many ways — each of us is unique and there are many different ways to achieve mental wellness. When we take the time to pause, identify and acknowledge how we feel, we can then focus on setting up plans to address those feelings in the long-term. This might include adjusting our careers, re-evaluating our relationships, managing our finances in a different way, or adding in reflective activities to our lives (like art, exercise, meditation, etc..,.). We are too important to leave to chance, so we have to check-in with ourselves periodically and be open to making changes that steer us in the right direction.

Q. We know that you are a very dedicated student of Shaolin Kung Fu. What impact, if any, did Shaolin Kung Fu have in your life?
A. A tremendous impact. I use Kung Fu and Qi Gong as a reflective activity. It helps to ground and center me and opens up my perspective. There are many times that I have come to class tired from the hustle-and-bustle of the week, but I leave refreshed and rejuvenated. It is a lifestyle choice for me, and has improved my focus, energy, physical health, and emotional balance.

Q. Tell us something about your workshop at the SKFTC. (and how it fits into your idea about achieving mental health?)
A. Are you curious to learn tools that if applied to your life can help you achieve emotional balance? If so — come and find out!

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