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The Noble Eightfold Path Buddhism does not aim to explain God, creation or eternal concepts. Such truths can only be found within the heart of a person.
1.Right View/Understanding-To see and to understand things as the really are. No set of rules can properly dictate this action, it must be understood as interdependent and acquired through experience.
2.Right Thought/Intention-Thoughts that are associated with selflessness, renunciation, and generosity, free from selfishness and greed; thoughts associated with loving-kindness, free from aversion, anger, and hatred; and thoughts associated with compassion, free from violence and cruelty.
3.Right Speech-Respectful speech, no cursing, dishonest, abusive or useless talk. It needs to be compassionate, intentional and supportive.
4.Right Action/Conduct-To be peaceful, non-violent. Abstain from stealing and sexual misconduct. It is the act of giving rather than taking.
5.Right Livelihood-Avoidance of any occupation which require one to harm or kill, to steal or cheat, to exploit living beings, or to cause others to engage in any of these types of conduct.
6.Right Effort-There are four Right Efforts: the effort to prevent the arising of unwholesome states of mind; the effort to eliminate unwholesome mind-states
that are already present; the effort to bring about wholesome states not yet arisen; the effort to maintain and perfect wholesome states that are already present.
7. Right Mindfulness-The perfected faculty of cognition to see things as they are with clear consciousness. Being aware of how we actively observe and control the impulses of our thoughts. These are the four foundations of mindfulness: 1. contemplation of the body 2. contemplation of feeling (repulsive, attractive, or neutral) 3. contemplation of the state of mind 4. contemplation of the phenomena.
8.Right Concentration-This is wholesome concentration which is achieved through meditation. In the act of meditating, very deliberate focus is put onto a select object in a step by step process.


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