Shimu Arlene Y. Fan was born and raised in Hong Kong, where her childhood was surrounded by the Martial Arts influence. Although her first real taste of the arts started with Tae Kwon Do, she found something closer to her roots with Shaolin Kung Fu. In 1999, Shimu Arlene, as a dedicated practitioner of Shaolin Kung Fu, entered the teaching side of the Art.

In 2001, Shimu Arlene and Shifu Hengxin opened up the Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center in NYC. As Director of the Center, Shimu’s primary goal was towards the development of a Teen and Youth program, where she can cultivate the mind and body early on in childhood. Her second focus is to assist Shifu Hengxin with the growth of all students enrolled in the school. Her participation in many community services, performances and numerous cultural outreach programs has prompted the Y.M.C.A. to ask her to develop and oversee a Shaolin Kung Fu program involving our younger generation. Because of her expertise, she is able to share the rich and beneficial culture of Shaolin Kungfu with all to love and enjoy. It is one of the reasons that she helps to promote a good family structural bond with the students and the parents.

Using Tradition, Discipline, Respect and Maturity as the basis of her motivation to teach, Shimu Arlene encourages all of her students to think responsibly and to always strive to make the right choices. By doing this, she instills the ideas of self-respect, self-discipline, self-awareness, and self-evaluation, which re-enforces the principles of Shaolin Kungfu in her students. With this enlightening view in mind, Shimu hopes that every one of her students can be a successful Martial artist.

  Photo by Joe Pickard
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