Summer Intensive 2017 - Learn the Shaolin Louhan 18 Hands in this Five consecutive weekends program.

Here's your chance to experience authentic Shaolin training – our Summer Intensive provides the ultimate challenge, giving you the chance to discover and redefine your limits. This unique program includes new forms and techniques designed to challenge both new and old students alike. These techniques will only be taught during the summer, so don't miss this great opportunity to improve your physical and mental health. Along with the intense training, there are informative sessions to increase your knowledge of Shaolin kung fu. This includes the rare opportunity to be exposed to ancient Chinese poetry, specifically instructional martial arts poems. This year, Shifu Hengxin will teach the Shaolin Louhan 18 Hands form.

Program Dates: July 8th & 9th; July 15th & 16th; July 22nd & 23rd; July 29th & 30st; August 5th & 6th.
Schedule: Saturdays 1:00pm-5:00pm at SKFTC. Sundays 8:00am-11:00am (local park. Location TBD) 11:00am-1:00pm lunch break 1:00pm-4:00pm (at SKFTC)

5 weekends, 2 days, $700 (non SKFTC students) or $600 (SKFTC students)
5 weekends, 1 day, $380 (non SKFTC students) or $330 (SKFTC students)

• Registration is in person at the SKFTC (deadline July 1)
• 50 hours of training
• Students under 18 must get permission from SKFTC before registering
• Space limited to 20 students
To learn more or to register, email us or call 212.242.7308.

“Summer Intensive is great for someone who wants to experience traditional training. We train for 10 hours on the weekend. We really get to focus and push ourselves. In our regular classes, we are able to train our bodies physically. But the 10-hour training allows you to test your mind and focus mentally. You can feel your spirit and your energy. You are training everything. You gain so much.”- Shifu Hengxin

SKFTC summer training 2017
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