Summer Intensive 2019 - Learn the Shaolin Louhan 18 Hands - Part five (5th form) in this Five consecutive Saturday program.

Here's your chance to experience authentic Shaolin training – our Summer Intensive provides the ultimate challenge, giving you the chance to discover and redefine your limits. This unique program includes new forms and techniques designed to challenge both new and old students alike. These techniques will only be taught during the summer, so don't miss this great opportunity to improve your physical and mental health. Along with the intense training, there are informative sessions to increase your knowledge of Shaolin kung fu. This includes the rare opportunity to be exposed to ancient Chinese poetry, specifically instructional martial arts poems. This year, Shifu Hengxin will teach the Shaolin Louhan 18 Hands part five (5th form).

Lohan's 18 Hands - Historical Background:  
Lohan's 18 Hands can be traced back to the origins of Shaolin history, and is one of the foundational styles of the Shaolin school of Kung Fu. It is believed that the concepts of the form are based on canonical texts from the Shaolin Temple's monastic library. These texts led the early Shaolin monks to develop simple sets of movements and exercises, which were meant to prepare and care for their bodies as they spent long hours in daily meditation central to monastery life. It is said that in ancient times, 18 stone statues stood on the Shaolin Temple grounds, each depicting a unique Lohan, in different postures. Each statue served to inspire the character, movement, meaning, and personality of the different sections of movement that eventually developed into what we now know as Lohan's 18 Hands. By the end of the Tang dynasty, 36 movements of the form already existed. Between the Song and Yuan dynasties, monks such as Jue-Yuan and Qui-Yueassisted in adding an additional 173 movements. Finally, during the Ming dynasty, the form had developed and codified into a coherent structured set of 18 distinct passages, each with its own initiating and concluding sequences, thus making the complete form 324 movements in total. Lohan's 18 Hands exudes a sense of truthfulness and realism, creating an illusion of lifelike imagery through the rhythm and style of the Kung Fu form. Its movements provide internal clarity and external strength. Traditionally, the multipart Lohan's 18 Hands was transmitted from the Shaolin Master only to his most trusted students in the monastery.   

Program Dates: July 13th, July 20th, July 27th, August 3rd, August 10th.
Schedule: Saturdays from 10:00am to 5pm (lunch 12pm to 1pm).

Complete program: $360 (SKFTC students), $420 ( Non SKFTC students)
1 day: $85 (SKFTC students), or $95 ( Non SKFTC students)

• Registration is in person at the SKFTC
• Students under 18 must get permission from SKFTC before registering
• Space limited to 20 students
To learn more or to register, email us or call 212.242.7308.

Summer Intensive 2019

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