Summer Intensive 2015 - Learn the Shaolin Tiger form in this Five consecutive weekends program.

Have you ever wanted to experience authentic Shaolin training? Well, here's your chance! Every summer, Shaolin Kung fu Training Center runs a five consecutive weekends, July 11–August 9, Summer Intensive training program which provides the ultimate challenge, giving you the chance to discover and redefine your limits. This unique program includes new forms and techniques designed to challenge both new and old students alike. These techniques will only be taught during the summer, so don't miss this great opportunity to improve your physical and mental health.

Along with the intense training, there are informative sessions to increase your knowledge of Shaolin kung fu. This includes the rare opportunity to be exposed to ancient Chinese poetry, specifically instructional martial arts poems.

This year, the Shaolin Tiger Fist form will be taught.  A tiger is not just ferocious, but patient, intelligent, agile, and flexible. These will be the skills you will learn as you advance through your training. Will you be able to unleash the tiger within? Join us this year, and learn the skills necessary to access your inner tiger!

Program Dates: July 11 & 12; July 18 & 19; July 25 & 26; August 1 & 2; August 8 & 9
Schedule: Saturday 1:00pm-5:00pm at SKFTC. Sunday 8:00am-11:00am (local park. Location will be announce soon) 11:00am-1:00pm lunch break1:00pm-4:00pm (SKFTC)

5 weekends, 2 days, $680 (non SKFTC students) or $580 (SKFTC students)
5 weekends, 1 day, $360 (non SKFTC students) or $306 (SKFTC students)
1 weekend, 2 days, $140 (non SKFTC students) or $120 (SKFTC students)

Kung Fu image
  Photo by Joe Pickard
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