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By challenging children and encouraging them to improve their strength, balance, technique, and discipline, we help them grow with a quiet confidence that remains with them their whole lives. Shaolin Kung Fu offers kids this challenge like no other discipline or sport, and provides a healthy outlet for the pressures and stresses that they too experience each day.

Classes are comprised of children ages 6 through 15, and are upbeat, fun, and have a family atmosphere to them. Through the hard work they accomplish together in class, they learn the value of camaraderie, support, and encouragement. And in the process, students are exposed to ancient practices, traditions, and philosophies that have driven the Shaolin culture for centuries.


Parent's Testimonial
This is a wonderful group of instructors. My husband was on temporary assignment to the United Nations and our son, Marco, is a very active 6 year old. He began his lessons at the YMCA with Shimu Arlene. Firm yet fair, she was an excellent teacher and mentor to him. We moved his lessons to the Training Center when we found out that it was closer to our hotel. At the center he also received extra attention from the assistant instructors to bring him up to the level of the class. He has enjoyed the hard physical work. More importantly, his focus and self-discipline have improved. He also is more polite and shows respect for others outside of the kung fu classroom. After only four months of classes, this was an incredible bonus for us! We have just returned to Italy and Marco misses his Kung Fu classes more than any other experience in New York. The Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center is about the whole person, mind and body. I highly recommend it whether you are in New York for a short time or a life time! Written by Cate Risi 2/20/07

Student's Testimonial
A little over six years ago, I attended my first Kung Fu class. I remember being welcomed into the school with open arms and a vigorous workout. Several years later, I continue with Kung Fu because it is and always has been a physically challenging and rewarding activity that I am proud to be a part of. Kung Fu has become such an important aspect of my life and my family’s life, and helps me not only with my health, but also my decision making. I have seen the results of constant stretching and repetition of forms in my athletic activities and my mentality, and have been taught the resolution to not accept mediocrity and to work to my best self. The principles of hard work and the determination to succeed have translated into everything that I do.

Kung Fu has also helped me in my other passion, soccer. I have been able to build my endurance by cross-training through Kung Fu as well as become faster, stronger and more flexible than I would have been otherwise. But more important than any physical aspects of the sport, Kung Fu has convinced me to always run faster and to try harder than anyone else on the field. I have learned the will to never give up and to fight to the final buzzer as I fight to the final movement in a form. That determination is not something that is taught easily and in a short time, but I know that every person who participates in this incredible experience will gain an improved understanding of both their physical and mental capacities.  Written by Rachel 2013


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