SKFTC Celebrates Tenth Anniversary With Gala Performance and Reception

On July 21, 2011, the Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center of New York (SKFTC) celebrated its 10th anniversary with a 90-minute gala performance, tracing the history of Shaolin through an impressive array of external Kung Fu and internal Qigong forms and techniques. The musical score was composed and played by noted musician Byron Wu on traditional Chinese instruments, including the pipa and wooden fish.

The show, directed by acclaimed director and martial arts enthusiast Lee Lobenhofer, accurately chronicled Shaolin Kung Fu from its origins over fifteen hundred years ago, and included flawless exhibitions of the Lohan Chuan form and various open hand and weapons forms. The traditional Shaolin Kung Fu animal forms, including Monkey, Tiger, Praying Mantis, Crane, Eagle, and Snake styles, were perfectly executed. Internal style Qi Gong forms were beautifully presented, and the teen and youth performers demonstrated their skills in the Continuous Fist and Sun Rise forms. A final, flowing Qigong form culminated the production. The reception that followed brought together practitioners, families, and friends.

The performers were senior students of Shifu Hengxin and Shimu Arlene Yau, who founded the SKFTC in 2001. The Center is currently home to a dedicated group of youth and adult practitioners. All students are welcome, regardless of age or experience. Shifu and Shimu expect everyone to do their personal best, and the training is rigorous, but the environment and experience is warm and inspiring.

Our family’s own experience with Shifu and Shimu began over four years ago when our oldest daughter became a student. Her younger brother began training the following year. This past year, our youngest daughter began her training. Most recently, my wife and I have become students. Shifu and Shimu have, as with everybody, welcomed and supported us. It didn’t matter that we were in our forties and had never studied Kung Fu or Qigong.

The experience of training at the Center goes far beyond its walls, and affects much more than one’s physical health. Through close attention, Shifu and Shimu evoke every student’s best efforts and remind them of their potential as they transmit the rich and extensive history of Shaolin. Leading by example, following the eight-fold path, and emphasizing hard work and dedication, Shifu and Shimu have succeeded in creating a modern culture of dedicated and talented students, who are capable of extraordinary physical and mental feats.    By Joseph A. Bondy    BACK TO EVENTS PAGE

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