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Utilizing the Shaolin Kung Fu tradition, incorporated with Cha’an Buddhism, the Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center uses no ranking or belt systems. Master Hengxin teaches there is no end point to a student's training, rather the potential for improvement is limitless. His students learn to not look outwardly, as in competition with or in comparison to others as a way of judging his or her own improvement. Instead, the student must look inward and learn what he or she must do in order to progress and achieve greater levels of skill. Each student develops a personal sense of achievement, self-motivation and self-discipline. In this way, Master Hengxin teaches his students the integration of mind and body. By cultivating the physical through Shaolin Kung Fu training, and developing the character through introspection and self-motivation, Master Hengxin teaches his students to sharpen the body and the mind, and to have deeper self-awareness.


Admittedly, when initially looking into kung fu, the main impetus was my progressing belly. But I wanted to be in shape for various reasons, physical, mental & spiritual. Shaolin kung fu appeared to hold the answer. SKFTC was the first place I tried out and after that first trial class I knew there was no need to go anywhere else, it simply felt right. That was over 2 years ago and it has long since become a main ingredient in my life. It has helped me to engage in my life in a way not possible before. My self discipline has greatly strengthened and I've been able to maintain a more peaceful, in-tune life amongst the flutter and flurry that is New York City. The community here is my home away from home. Written by Caleb Cliff 1/28/2008

  Photo by Joe Pickard
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